Gujpro as an organization is an outcome of the years of intervention by NGOs in the area of Natural resource management (NRM) and agriculture in various districts of Gujarat. Many of these NGOs are engaged in empowering farmers by promoting good agricultural practices and also promoting natural farming and organic farming practices. In the medium to long term, because of these interventions by NGOs, the production of organic products is expected to pick up and will be available to the FPOs for marketing.

Gujpro too has initiated the Fair Trade Peanut Project in which, the company will be responsible for production of good quality peanuts, process them and supply it to fair trade buyers.

Similarly, based on the requirement of the buyers, the company will also go for EURO GAP certification and other quality requirements required for the export markets.

Traceability of Farm Produce:Since the FPOs work closely with the farmers within a defined geographic area and also provide seeds, input material and other services to farmers, traceability of the produce from farm to supply location can be ensured by the FPO. Informal traceability systems are already in place for certain commodities.